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Mysteries with a dash of humor and a pinch of suspense

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All that glitters is not gold…

When Denali Dahlgren's posh California dream goes bust, she feels like she's hit rock bottom. But just as her prospects run dry, she strikes a claim of unexpected inheritance—an entire Alaskan town left to her by an uncle she never knew existed.

Trading palm trees for spruce, she arrives at a ghost town that once glittered with gold rush glory. But instead of nuggets, Denali finds an unfinished café to run, a treasury of off-kilter townsfolk, and the attention of a dashing bush pilot who may just be her heart's jackpot.

Yet, when she learns her uncle didn’t die of natural causes, Denali shifts from gold town proprietor to determined detective. It's a rush against time as she mines for clues, hoping to unmask a killer before she's the next one going, going, gold...gone!

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