Martina Dalton is the author of the Jenny Crumb Series and The Clarity Bloom Humorous Mystery Series. Available on Amazon. 

Killer Bait


Social media expert Clarity Bloom is loving her job at a high-tech gadget corporation in Seattle—that is, until her BFF Janice turns up dead. Much to the chagrin of her brother, Zen, a homicide detective, Clarity throws caution to the wind and jumps into the investigation with both feet.

Zen’s ultra-handsome detective partner, Hunter, encourages Clarity to learn self-defense—especially since she’s getting closer to discovering who the killer is. Using her social media sleuthing skills, she sets out to bait the murderer.

Is she clever enough to entrap the killer? Or will she end up as the catch of the day?

Killer Rapids


When a whitewater rafting adventure ends in murder, Clarity Bloom dives in to find the killer. After her friend is arrested for the crime, she is determined to find out who the real murderer is.


Things take a comedic turn when Clarity’s hippie mom gets into the action, nearly sending Clarity and her sleuth friends up the creek without a paddle. As if the tension isn’t turbulent enough, Clarity’s older brother Zen once again forbids her from dating his hot detective cohort, Hunter.

Will Clarity stay afloat amid the crazy obstacles blocking her way, or will she be the killer’s next victim?

Killer Karma


When Clarity's little sister Karma is framed for the murder of her no-good husband Don, Clarity has no choice but to prove her innocence.


But when Clarity's hippie mom shows up to "help", Clarity not only has to find Don's killer, but she must also keep her over-enthusiastic mom from getting in the way. She soon discovers that Don was into some shady business dealings, not to mention his liaisons with demanding mistresses.


Between the goons following her, a car explosion, and trying to maintain her love life, Clarity certainly has her work cut out for her. Can Clarity clear her sister's name before the murder trial? Or is karma going to take a wrong turn?

The Third Eye of Jenny Crumb_2019_Amazon
The Third Eye of Jenny Crumb


Seventeen-year-old Jenny Crumb appears to have the perfect life. She’s smart, beautiful, and... normal. But, on the inside, she struggles to keep a dark secret from her friends and family. Jenny is psychic—and she fears that if people find out, she’ll be labeled as a loser and a freak.

Jenny falls in love with the handsome new guy in school. But her visions are becoming jarringly intense and she is having trouble hiding her gift. Not only is she having premonitions about a creepy man with a knife, but she also learns a girl in her school has gone missing. Will her premonitions about the kidnapper put herself and the people she loves in danger? Even if Jenny survives, her life will change forever.

The Sixth Sense of Jenny Crumb_NEW.jpg
The Sixth Sense of Jenny Crumb


Jenny Crumb’s traumatic junior year has left her shaken. Her psychic powers really have a way of messing things up. Now she is looking forward to a quiet and uneventful summer with her boyfriend, Mike, and can’t wait to spend every moment with him.


Just when she thinks life has settled down, visions of a missing boy and a fiery boat explosion disrupt her plans, and Mike drops a bombshell of his own, sending Jenny into a tailspin of despair. To make matters worse, her dad forces Jenny and her family to take a boat trip to Alaska. Far from friends and Seattle, Jenny is once again plunged headlong into a dangerous mystery.


The Nine Lives of Jenny Crumb


Jenny Crumb thinks her senior year will be trouble-free. But, as usual, nothing for her is normal: an evil ghost attempts to kill her, a stalker sends threatening texts, and Mike, her ex-boyfriend, is set on getting her back.


With the help of her friends, Jenny takes on the scare of a lifetime. The only thing left to do is to get rid of the ghost before the curtain goes up.
Jenny Crumb and The Twelve Days of Christmas


A mega-snowstorm hits the Seattle area and teen psychic Jenny Crumb and her family brave the blizzard to travel to Leavenworth, Washington—a picturesque Bavarian-style village—for the holidays. With mishaps occurring along the way, Jenny hears the song The Twelve Days of Christmas—even if sometimes, it’s in her head. Every time she hears the song, a little magic happens.


At their bed and breakfast, they meet young widow and innkeeper Traci and her little daughter. The inn that Traci and her husband worked so hard for is about to go into foreclosure. Jenny suspects the magic happening every time she hears the song is being sent by Traci’s husband, who was killed in the war in Afghanistan. Will his love have the power to deliver a Christmas miracle for the family he left behind?


The Witching Hour: Jenny Crumb


Jenny Crumb and her friends are looking forward to a fun time backpacking across Europe. Instead, they encounter the ghost of a little girl who desperately needs their help. An evil spirit has trapped the tortured souls of women who’ve been persecuted as witches throughout history. The spirit is now after the ghost girl. But when the teens make an effort to help her, the evil spirit turns on them, chasing them through haunted castles from country to country. As the dark entity grows angrier with every encounter, Jenny must call on a powerful being of light to help them. Will it be enough to release the trapped souls? Will Jenny and her friends survive?


Night Collector: Jenny Crumb


Someone is snatching women from the streets of New York City. Will Jenny Crumb stop him before he completes his collection?

Jenny Crumb heads to NYC for college, hoping to begin an exciting new chapter in her life. But when psychic visions of someone collecting women in the dark of the night begin to haunt her, Jenny has no choice but to try and stop him. Meanwhile, there are dead people under her feet and in the subway--souls who’ve been waiting a long time for someone to hear them. Jenny keeps seeing a ghostly woman hanging in the big elm tree at Washington Square Park. Is the ghost trying to tell her something? Or is she as evil as the man who’s been hunting women?